La Trémoille, a legendary Paris hotel since 1883

November 1st, 2014

Famous Focal Point for the Paris Jazz Scene in the 1960's

Courageous and loyal, he commanded the armies of Charles VIII, Louis XII and François I, re-established civil peace in the kingdom, prepared the union of Brittany with France and covered himself in glory during the wars in Italy. His valour was rewarded with the titles of Lieutenant General of Poitou, of Angoumois and of the Marches of Brittany, as well as governor of Burgundy and Admiral of Guyenne and Brittany.

A great leader, he was also a skilful diplomat saving Burgundy from Swiss pillage thanks to his eloquence virtues.

Once more under the 'Cavalier King', he shone against the Swiss during the battle of Marignan in 1515, brought peace to Normandy and fortified it before failing gloriously on the field of the battle of Pavie, where François I lost everything 'save honour'.

The body of the 'Perfect Knight' 'Glory of his House' and 'Honour of his Time' was laid to rest at Thouars, in Poitou.

Rue de La Trémoille owes some of its prestige to this highly respected knight. The street was named in his honour and memory by the city of Paris.

A Young Parisian Palace With More Than 100 Years of History

Built in 1883, the hotel has been entirely renovated several times. Over the years and through the various embellishments, it has gradually become an intimate oasis of tranquillity and comfort.

Originally a private residence of the Dupré family, La Trémoille was purchased by the Forte Group in 1968 and was subsequently taken over in July 2000 by The Scotsman Hotel Group. La Trémoille closed its doors from February 2000 to June 2002 for extensive renovation costing 24 million Euros.

Music and cinema personalities have always appreciated this charming hotel located a just a few steps away from the Champs-Elysées.

La Trémoille was also a famous focal point for the Paris jazz scene in the 1960's, and the unforgettable double visit of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong in 1961 was recorded for history by Paris Match.

Today other celebrities come here and appreciate the discretion and the cosy atmosphere of this pocket-size palace full of hidden charms.

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La Trémoille

La Trémoille is a 5-Star hotel in Paris located in the 8th arrondissement between the Champs-Elysées and avenues Montaigne and George V. La Trémoille, a Parisian city centre luxury hotel, has a fine gourmet restaurant called Louis² that offers a range of great cocktails, pre-dinner drinks and fine dining... as well as a fully equipped spa and fitness facilities.

With a long history, and an unrivalled reputation for excellence, the hotel is always an experience to remember.

Contemporary styling in the respect of the past

Famous for being one of the jewels in Paris' realm of traditional deluxe hotels, La Trémoille opened its doors to its prestigious guests in June 2002 after 15 months of extensive renovation.

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